Fujifilm X-Pro1 – Freedom in darkness & bokeh


2 years ago i bought the Fujifilm X-Pro1 – its the first camera i feel love

It’s fantastic in IQ as a non-DSLR: its X-trans sensor offers great details that feels natural and without over sharpening, accurate color balance and warm organic “fuji color”, top class high ISO performance, and great primes to go with. I was using the sharp 35mm/ f1.4 (although its excluded from DxO lab test, some reviewers regard Fuji’s primes as “Zeiss-class”).

At that time, without exhaustive nor scientific comparison, my researches showed its IQ surpass a lot of DSLR and APS-C. (a test done by myself shows it at least surpasses my 5D mk2 in terms of detail resolving power, high ISO, and color) As a non-DSLR, it feels quite top choice for me, just second to Leica M9 . Of course, I picked X-Pro1  also because its Bokeh possibility with its primes is second to none in similar form factor (except the expensive Leica Ms) and its retro control and design. 


I found myself a constant low light shooter. Before i have X-Pro1, any cameras i used feels limiting. Whenever im in low light and saw some good shots ahead, I was used to hesitate if it’s too dark to worth taking out the camera for useful shots. Well, the X-Pro1’s famous low light performance and the sharp wide open f1.4 has completely set me free in most low-light situations.

I’m also obsessed with Bokeh. At the time of purchase, there is literally no m43 lens combo that can produce such shallow depth of field. And the bokeh of Fuji XF lens are all so tasteful.

2 years from now, more top class DSLRs emerged, not to mention the Sony A7/A7r, RX-1, and the Sigma Foveon  series e.g. my DP2M. and the IQ of Olympus OMDs comes so close even its m43! Fuji has more mirrorless rivals in terms of IQ. but it still stands on a high ground with a 2-years old X-trans sensor – fascinating. And low light performance? still beats most DSLRs and the only one that beats Fuji easily is the “king of high ISO”: Nikon DF. Lens lineup? Zeiss-class some reviewers would comment, even DxO labs doesn’t have reports on Fuji products. The primes are really great – needless to elaborate, you got tons of reviews online 🙂



It’s just the whole X-series is so good to me. I’ve been struggling upgrading it to X-T1, OMD-EM1 or A7R. Finally i still stick with Fuji. Even I sold my X-pro1, I must say, it’s still a BEAUTIFUL art of engineering in my heart.

Don’t criticize my subjectivity 🙂 Fuji is great, Fuji-color is great. Fuji’s retro control tactile is great. It’s a love affairs you know. 🙂

P.S. complaints on X-Pro1? obviously the slow AF. Sorry Fuji, you are too popular on that 🙂




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