Quantum Photographs – pictures from alternate reality


This is a rather unconventional post on photography.

In case anyone don’t know already: the image above is CGI (computer generated imagery). And it’s achieved in very short time by a technology I developed and patented: Quantum Human (under-construction)

My main career is a businessman running a CGI animation company. I’m also a creative director. But what people don’t usually know is that I’m a programmer too and i found programming one of my biggest talent in college.

This post isn’t about advertising on my technology. It’s rather a discussion on the ever-growing technology. Imagine, if within a year of two, CG rendered image or even video are so photorealistic to an level that is indistinguishable from real photographs. (i admitted the above image still not 100% photo-real) What could have possibility happen? Probably nothing, and probably anything you have already seen in numerous Sci-fi movies.

In fact the CG technology is already so matured that it can create the illusion of reality and the whole industry is built on this magic. See Avatar, see Benjamin Button. But it still takes huge expertise, man-hours, and time to do. Especially CG human is considered one of the most complex thing to do, even more complex than a CG Ocean in general. What if, the above CG rendered human can move and react to you in realtime ? What if it combines with holograhic projection of star wars and it becomes affordable in every cafe? What if, the CG human combines with artificial interlligence AI? What if, cloud and quantum computing makes it possible that billions of AI virtual human are living in a group of community online and you see them in every shop around the corner or in your mobile phone?

These ideas are certainly not new, only that how fast it becomes the reality. And my technology might become part of the digital revolution.

Happy rendering 🙂


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