Miracle does happen – you can love your camera :)


Miracle does happens.
This elegant old camera was the camera my Dad has been carrying around in his youth. He gave it to me, but the shutter is faulty and cannot use. Over the past few weeks, i asked around and took it to 2 very famous old camera master for repair, but both of them refuse to take it cus the camera is too old and they will have big works and still have no confident they can fix it.They both recommended me to put it on display only and I can easily buy the same old model for very cheap price in eBay, at good working conditions.

But no, that’s not what i wanted. I was so disappointed because even it’s the same model that looks and works the same, it wouldn’t be my dad’s camera. It’s just not the same. I want this one and only one camera. I wish I can carry it around to take the lovely film as if I’m doing what Dad was doing in the old days. But there simply seems to be no solution.

Desperate and ready to give up after weeks, my love to this camera doesn’t stop. Everytime i look at it I tell myself there must be some way. And today I try to open up the shutter compartment again. I observe how it doesn’t work 90% of time and try to figure again how that little mechanical part works occasionally. I had already did this for lots of times before without any clues.

This time I repeat a tedious try and fix by hand process for more than 200 times. Still Without any clue how it works. I begin trying to “feel” the sound of the mostly “bad shutter” and the occasional “good shutter”. Try and try, one small discovery at a time.

By the time I get really tired and ready to put it back to the shelf. Suddenly the random occasional success persisted a few times. And as I repeat the process another 2xx times. The persistant rate of “good shutter” increase. After another hour of trying, guess what.

Voila!! It works!
It’s like my blind “doesn’t give-up” energy has sparkle some magic and cure the camera!

That’s it. I fixed it. I did something even 2 masters doesn’t have the confidence to. The camera is working now and I plan to carry it around happily.

Insight of the day:
I guess Love works the same way as this, isn’t it. 🙂

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