Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 – at least Fuji dare to try

Another niche product for adventurous photographer. After 5 years it’s still the one and only one stereo still camera. Probably it sells very bad. But it’s unique and it delivers what it sets out to do.

Not only does it give you a pocketable zoomable true stereo still camera. But it also gave you a auto-stereoscopic LCD screen, meaning you can view the 3D photos instantly, without bothering 3D glasses.

This combination is a big deal really ,if you know the usual complicated workflow of acquiring stereo images and finding ways to view it.

Of course, the IQ sucks like some primitive digital camera. And the product fails probably because no one else can easily view the 3D photos on web, non-sharable joy. But its a huge joy really to just look at the photo in your hand.

What’s more, it actually records stereoscopic videos! such tiny camera, writes stereoscopic format directly. and if you play it from the camera, you are instantly like enjoying a 3D movie in cinema. you knew that experience, and it’s in your pocket and palm.

Shame, no matter how much im fascinated by this camera, i have no way to show it here on the internet. Well, the fascination is mine, you guys can just envy me 🙂

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