The Absurd.

The AbsurdOnce again, the iPhone sets me free.

I made these images while I was working overnight. I was so tired and dizzy. My logic brain is not functioning, and I can barely think.

Suddenly, absurdity kicks in my head and I start shooting

Without concerning any photographic techniques and quality (it sucks anyway), I’m able to think out of the box (Or not think at all). Some may dis-regard these as photographs. Fine, take me as “making images”. (No, I didn’t use photoshop. I only use instagram and a double-exposure App)

Most importantly, it’s to unleash your intuition, humor, rebellious self, exploratory eyes, unconventional attitude into your photography. I’m able to have fun, making jokes on myself, and explore garbage “found objects” as I see fit. No pressure, just play around.

If you think the photographic quality sucks (they do), imagine the possibilities of utilizing these new mindset using a “real” camera.

I’m having fun, your turn 🙂

P.S. Guess what the above objects are?

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